Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I locked a PDF document, and I didn’t use it for some time. When I tried to open it again, I realized that I lost the password to it. When I found the password, I still couldn’t open it. Luckily this tool unlocked my PDF, and I can now use the information it contains.



When I locked a PDF document with my personal information and SSN, I wanted to protect that data and make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. But I later had trouble unlocking the document. This service unlocked the sample in several minutes.



I received a document by e-mail and tried to open it with the reader on my smartphone, but there was no password input field. Opening it up became a bit of a hassle. But with this service, I managed to unlock the sample in less than a minute.



This is a handy tool for unlocking PDF documents. My friend sent me a document, but it turned out to be locked. I asked for a password, but there was no software to insert it. I needed it for my job, so I decided to find a service that would help unlock it online. This tool did it fast, thanks.



I downloaded a PDF document from the website and tried to open it, but couldn’t because it was locked. They added a password, but my smartphone wouldn’t let me insert it. That is why I needed this tool. It unlocked my document without any problems.



It’s good at unlocking my documents and costs nothing. I managed to unlock several PDF documents pretty easy. And there’s no limit to the number of samples you can process. Just insert the password and your document will be opened.



This online-based tool is always my first choice when it comes to unlocking PDFs protected with a security password. Anyhow, it is a simple service for both navigation and use. It unlocks as many documents as you need.



The functionality of this website is quite user-friendly. It’s also easy to use both it using both a mobile device or computer. The service does what I need it to do.



I had problems trying to install a solution that was supposed to help me unlock PDFs. But I had no time to search for other applicable software that would work well on my computer. This solution is like a breath of the fresh air, since I can simply unlock the document online and save it to my Google Drive account.