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Unlock any PDF by uploading it to our platform. Choose an encrypted document on your computer or cloud storage, or just drag and drop it into the box.

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Unlock a protected PDF in one click. Once the document is uploaded, click the ‘Unlock PDF’ button and remove all restrictions.

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Our app allows you to unlock your PDF documents without having to download any expensive software. Save time and money using AltoUnlockPDF.

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Rest assured that we keep your files private and delete them from the server once they’ve been unlocked and downloaded.

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AltoUnlockPDF runs on any Internet-connected desktop or mobile device. Our web-based app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Android.

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The app doesn’t take up any free space on your hard drive. Quickly unlock any encrypted PDF online even while on the go.


File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF stands for Portable Document Format and uses the .pdf file extension. It was invented by Adobe in 1993. For many years it has been one of the most commonly used file formats. The main aim of the PDF is to send important information to another person quickly and easily. PDFs can combine text and multimedia within one document, they work with nearly all hardware and operating systems.


Technical Details: PDF is a 7-bit ASCII file with a fixed layout. PDF uses the PostScript language, which makes it possible to display a range of text fonts, graphics and other media in a single, universal file. Some PDF documents have an encryption feature that will keep them from being read until whoever is opening the document provides a password.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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Customer Reviews

I locked a PDF document, and I didn’t use it for some time. When I tried to open it again, I realized that I lost the password to it. When I found the password, I still couldn’t open it. Luckily this tool unlocked my PDF, and I can now use the information it contains.
When I locked a PDF document with my personal information and SSN, I wanted to protect that data and make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. But I later had trouble unlocking the document. This service unlocked the sample in several minutes.
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How-to guide

How to unlock a PDF online

  1. Open in your web browser.
  2. Within the app, click Choose File and upload a PDF or simply drag-and-drop it into the box.
  3. Import a document stored online by clicking one of the cloud storage service icons below.
  4. Wait for the upload to finish.
  5. Create a password for your PDF, then click Unlock Now! Your unlocked file will be ready in seconds.
  6. Choose what else you’d like to do with the resulting PDF.
  7. Click Work on your PDF to edit it online (i.e. redact, sign, or share it with another user).
  8. Click Download Now to save the PDF file to your computer or phone.

How to Unlock PDF Document?

If a PDF document is password protected, you’ll have to enter the password each time you want to view the document. Password protecting a document is necessary for many reasons. For controlling access to the information specified in the document. Say, for example, your file is on a publicly-accessible source but contains confidential data that only certain individuals should have access to. In this case, you share the password you have specified for the document with a limited number of people. Another reason could be that establishing limited access to the document means protecting it from any possible changes. If you’re sending a contract to your stakeholders, you’ll want it to be printed and signed but not altered. You can let your partner peruse the document and be sure that it remains in its original form. One more case is locking forms that are used for filling via a link. Any user may accidentally or deliberately alter a form if it’s not locked.

Although locking files is definitely considered to be very useful, what are you going to do if something changes? You want to provide access to your document’s content and coding is no longer needed. Specifying a password is now one more unnecessary step. Accessing PDFs in a secure location is inconvenient. It goes without saying, that protected files are unavailable for editing or formatting. The solution is simple: just remove the password-protection. Now you have the ability to use a powerful brand new tool to unlock PDF files.

Get the Freedom to Access a PDF In Seconds.

AltoUnlockPDF gives you the ability to remove password-protection in a few clicks. Use any internet connected device to instantly upload a PDF to the server. To avoid the useless jumble of words and expressions, here is a list of the main features of this service:

  • This service runs in a browser, so it is equally convenient to unlock PDF on Mac OS, on Windows or Linux. It doesn’t matter whether you use a desktop or smartphone.
  • AltoUnlockPDF is a web-based program, that doesn’t require any additional software to download or install. Space on your hard drive will remain free.
  • All tools you need to manage your documents exist on cloud storage and are available anytime and anywhere. Use your smartphone or tablet. Working while on-the-go is the new normal.
  • All documents uploaded to the server are highly protected. Safety is important and that means keeping all your information private. All files are deleted once they’ve been unlocked and downloaded.
  • AltoUnlockPDF lets you forget about downloading expensive software. The service saves you time and money and provides its users the ability to complete all operations for free.

Get Started Right Now

To begin unlocking and editing PDF contracts, agreements, invoices, medical or tax forms, follow these steps:

  1. Select a password-protected document on your computer or cloud storage. Drag and drop it into the box and click the orange button to start the process.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. When you’ve finished, download your document which is no longer locked.

If you’ve unlocked PDF file for editing, open your PDF editor and click anywhere on the document to start adding text. Change the font, size and color of your text to your preference.

Did you know?

You no longer have to waste your time

In contrast to most PDF unlockers, our tools exist in the cloud and don’t require any installations. Your hard drive space remains free, while you access your documents from your smartphone or tablet. Manipulate your documents without leaving your browserEdit PDF documents for free and without any registration.